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Resiliency And Access in 2023

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We Need Your Help!

Crisis Recovery & Affordable for All

In the wake of costs incurred by widespread flooding damage and the resounding success of our new Affordable For All Program, we hope you will support our end of year fundraising efforts by making a donation today. 

Our goal is to raise $1,225,000 by the end of 2023, and we’ve already achieved 60% of that target!

Will you help us to accomplish our goal?

Hear more from Becca Steinitz, Chris Moncrief, Jay Kullman, Len Cadwallader, and Polly Williams below about why your support for F&W is so important now!

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Historic Flooding Hits the Valley

In July, our camp was hit hard by an unprecedented flood, damaging roads, culverts, and other important infrastructure.

While the entire state was swept up by this historic natural disaster - one of the worst in our beautiful state’s history - the consequences in Plymouth were nothing short of devastating.

The extensive flooding and damage to camp facilities, roads, and bridges as well as program cancellations resulted in financial losses that exceeded $125,000. 

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Further Hurdles

With dedication and hard work, we put our signature F&W handiwork to the test, and swiftly repaired the flooding damage.

But then, just when we thought we were in the clear, a norovirus outbreak struck Timberlake, affecting over 50 campers and staff.

The combination of lost revenue and expenses from camp and event cancellations, cleaning up infected camps, resulted in additional costs exceeding $100,000.  

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Affordable For All

Affordable For All is a revolutionary financial aid model that aims to make Farm & Wilderness accessible to all families, emphasizing transparency, equity, and integrity.

In 2022, our community generously contributed $1 million to launch this initiative.

In 2023, the program has provided over $900,000 in camperships to more than 290 families (a 58% increase from 2022).

A remarkable success in 2023: the program helped to attract and enroll triple the number of campers from families with household incomes of under $50,000 than expected and nearly 20% more campers from middle-income families.

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We Need Your Help!

As we plan for Summer 2024, our focus is on repairing this summer’s damage, preparing for future climate-related challenges, and building on Affordable for All’s success.

Our total goal is $1,225,000 by the end of 2023, and we’ve already achieved 60% of that target.

Please give as generously as your heart and circumstances allow.

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Donate Today