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Firefly Song

AGES 9-14


Spirited Campers Creating A Bright Community

The mountains, valleys, and lakes of Vermont are filled with beauty and adventure for our Firefly Song campers!
Nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains, on the shores of the Woodward reservoir, Firefly Song provides our youth with the perfect environment for swimming, hiking, farming and so many more wild and wonderful experiences. A new found appreciation for their strength, competence and creativity are at the cornerstone of Firefly Song. A fierce, fun-loving spirit encompasses our program as campers explore the fullness of their identity, redefine failure, and build on success. Every day there are new activities to challenge our campers as they explore the natural world and push through physical boundaries.
  Our summer camp for girls and gender non-binary youth is a place for developing lasting friendships, a deeper self-awareness and resolve.
Clarissa Thompson

I cannot believe my good fortune in getting to return to camp in this new role.  My memories of working at F&W, both at FS and in various other roles “around the place” are so positive and have stuck with me over the years. It is where I began developing my own confidence as a young woman.  I believe I have just been waiting for the “perfect” moment to arrive so that I could get back to camp, and now it is here.    

 My time at FS and F&W shaped me and the work I embarked on as I created a path for myself as a teacher in high schools, and now as a teacher and teacher educator at a small public liberal arts college in Maine. I love my work, building relationships, and creating community. I look forward to bringing aspects of this to my role at camp, working with both campers and staff. I'm excited to reconnect with former staff members and even more excited to see the children of many of my former campers at Firefly Song this summer. 

Firefly Song
Session 1 June 30 - July 20
Session 2 July 23 - August 13
Spark 1 June 30 - July 10
Spark 2 July 23 - August 2

Spark sessions are offered for new to Farm & Wilderness 9 or 10 year olds at either Firefly Song or Timberlake camps. Returning campers and campers 11 years or older are not eligible for Spark sessions. These sessions are great for campers ready for an overnight camp experience, geared towards letting your family see if our programs are right for your camper!

Cabin Life

Firefly Song campers fall in love with the uninterrupted view of the mountains and woods.

Housing: Cabin groups are based on age with a mixing of new and returning campers. The cabins are all open three-sided wood structures with individual bunks and storage for each camper. As we build community, it’s important each camper still has their space and campers enjoy personalizing their bunk.

Facilities: Shared facilities are nearby for all their hygiene needs, including fresh water and hot showers.


What Our Families Say

"I like that our daughter was surrounded by strong and confident people and encouraged to source her fire and do bold things and be adventurous."

Explore Life at Camp Firefly Song

Every day there are new things for our campers to learn, grow, build and explore while inspiring personal growth.

Mornings are slow and deliberate. As sunlight streams into their three-sided cabins – because why would anyone want to put a wall between them and the view of the lake? – campers awaken to nature. Campers begin their day tending to the farm animals, setting the tables in the dining hall and doing other community chores. Music, laughter and movement fills the Firefly Song Lodge as everyone arrives for breakfast. After breakfast, a silent meeting provides quiet reflection before heading off for morning activities filled with fun and meaningful experiences. Barns and gardens provide a classroom to learn where our food comes from and how to work the land in a sustainable way. Work Projects give the campers the experience to work with their hands in light construction and outdoor living skills get their hands on axe handles and fire building.

Afternoons are filled with exciting possibilities. After a healthy lunch, campers enjoy a rest hour before choosing their afternoon activities. From rock climbing, pottery, building cabin shelves, kayaking, harvesting strawberries or an activity created by campers where the outdoors and creativity awaits.

Evening ranges from a time for self-reflection and bonding, or more adventures! As the evening descends over the mountains, campers may join together for a relaxed waterfront evening. In a different evening they may take part in a facilitated conversation to better understand race, gender, identity and practicing healthy boundaries at camp. Campers spend other nights full of intrigue and daring in an all camp game. Finally the glow from flashlights is replaced by the moon and dancing fireflies as everyone joins their cabin to drift off to sleep together.

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