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AGES 4-10


Venture Into The Wilderness

Wonder and imagination take shape each day as our youngest campers take time and enjoy the simple delights the wilderness offers on 600 acres located at the foothills of Killington Ski area/resort in Vermont.

From chasing crickets, milking goats, swimming and waterfront activities to creating splatter-paint art, the great outdoors provides a playground for learning and growing individually and as a community. Climbing and costumes, greased watermelon races and pirate gold hunts will have your child delighting in the creative activities and experiences in an age-appropriate way. Barn Day campers also enjoy hosting a farm stand every week for the local community.

For Summer 2024, the Barn Day Camp has waiting lists for all two week sessions, with limited spots still available for the first 1 week session. That one week session is at capacity for 4 year old campers, but has spots for ages 5-10.

Click the "register" button above to see how many spots are currently available!

Emily Mathon

My first summer at Farm & Wilderness I spent as a cabin counselor in Mandalay cabin at Tamarack Farm in 2001. During those weeks, I experienced and guided the teen campers through “work is love made visible”, an important mantra at F&W. Not only did we nail siding to the barn, stack hay in the loft, and clear trails for ease of walking, but we enjoyed singing on the steps of the front porch, swimming in the lake, and reading stories before falling asleep. I was captivated by the joy and community built through simple activities. 

Once my children were old enough to attend Farm & Wilderness, we traveled from Texas to offer them the magical experiences available at the Barn Day CampAs a parent, I stood at the fence watching the counselors creatively perform a skit about that afternoon’s activity offering, wondering what my children would choose. In 2019 and 2021, I joined the Support Staff at the Barn Day Camp, lifeguarding, leading activities, and assisting children and staff. 

I am so looking forward to bringing my years of experience in education, program coordination, and coaching to the Barn Day Camp as Director! In the off-season when I am not preparing for camp, I support families as a Parent Coach in private practice in Charlottesville, Virginia. You can also find me being active outdoors, reading books, and engaging in community-building activities.   You can watch my introductory video here. 

2024 Dates
Session 1 July 1 - July 5  
Session 2 July 8 - July 19  
Session 3 July 22 - August 2  
Session 4 August 5 - August 16  
Day Camp Life

Barn Day is about taking time for the simple pleasures. We provide a safety-first environment where kids can be kids, learning, discovering and thriving. Barn Day Campers are a part of age-based groups of 10-12 campers, with 2-3 counselors for each group. An additional counselor or two will join the group on adventure day and the overnight trips.

Campers are provided with a cubby to store their backpack, lunchbox, a change of clothes, and projects they want to bring home from camp.

Campers bring their own lunch and are provided two snacks a day. A healthy protein snack in the morning to help fuel their day and a fruit/veggie option in the afternoon. Many of these delicious snacks are from our own farms!

Overnight trip: Barn Day kids hike to local wilderness locations, set up their sleeping bags in shelters or tents, taking turns helping to cook the meal while exploring and playing in the woods.

Facilities: Shared facilities are nearby for all their hygiene needs.



"I love the one overnight for the BDC kids. I think it’s an awesome experience and the kids are very supported."

Explore Life At Camp

Every day there are new things for our campers to discover, learn, grow, cultivate, build and explore.

Mornings we gather together with songs followed by enjoying the wonders of the outdoors. Campers delight in the sights and sounds as they explore the variety of insects and plants growing alongside them. Campers learn responsibility and a greater appreciation for the food we eat by caring for the farm animals and tending to the garden. Small camp projects offer the opportunity to build something substantial to contribute. There is also time for morning swim lessons and splashing around at the waterfront, as our youngest campers work hard, play hard and forge deep friendships.

Afternoons are filled with wholesome lunches and garden. Silent reflection around our beautiful tree-ringed circle offers campers time for listening and connection before embarking on new adventures. Will they take goats on a walk? Make ice cream or enjoy a game of camouflage in the woods? Or enjoy a favorite pastime at camp; building our own pinball machines from scratch! Campers hammer a pattern of nails into a board of wood, put rubber bands around the nails and fling a marble around inside. It’s a person powered electricity free pinball machine! So many choices, they just may choose to participate in all of them! After singing and our final circle, the Barn Day campers head home happy and eager for the next day.

Overnight camping trips are always the highlight of each two-week session. Children carry their sleeping bags, stuffed animals and other belongings to the campsite. Our campers are thrilled to sleep out under the stars and cook their meals (and s’mores!) over a fire. The evenings sing the music that only nature can provide as they drift off to sleep listening to the crickets and gentle evening wind.

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