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Farm & Wilderness Summer Camps

What Makes Farm & Wilderness Summer Camps so Special

We’re not just a summer camp, we’re an experience of a lifetime. All of our Farm & Wilderness camps strive to provide experiential education which helps to transform our community.

We promote, support and educate our campers to face new challenges with courage and integrity as they participate in hands-on outdoor adventures. Campers learn hard work and joyful play all while living in a community setting and learning how to care for our environment.

Our camps take pride in teaching hands-on technical skills to all our campers as they live, work and play in the wilderness. They learn to respect and understand the land and its relationship with our food. The campers learn the basics of fire-building and have an opportunity to prepare dishes with food they have harvested themselves from our farm. A sense of community and cooperation are valued above competition and comparison, leaving the campers feeling unique and valued. Campers are provided ample opportunity to step outside of their comfort zones, knowing that safety and acceptance are prioritized, as we celebrate the diversity of our community!

Our Values

Quaker Values: The essence of Farm & Wilderness can be found in the Quaker values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equity and sustainability. These values are woven into the fabric of our Vermont summer camp programs and our community.

Mutual Respect: The Quaker concept of “The Light of the Spirit is in every person’’ is a core belief we practice where we foster a mutual respect and care for each person’s special qualities.

Diversity: At Farm & Wilderness, we believe our community is strengthened through diversity and encourage people of any race, background, gender, religion, sexual orientation or economic status to apply to attend our camps or to work as staff.

Where Adventure Lives

Farm & Wilderness focuses on fun, community and wilderness adventures. Our Vermont summer camps and teen programs offer a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, including the pressures of school lives and the attachment to technology. The summer days are a slower pace making way for fun, imagination and self-reflection as well as challenging and meaningful work.

All the adventures are home grown, inspired by the joy, creativity and zaniness of our campers imaginations. Our youth explore social dynamics and how to contribute and live in a community. Our camps and programs offer space to explore something new.

Our Quaker Roots

Quaker values are embedded in the way of life at Farm & Wilderness.

From our simple buildings and systems to the unplugged quality of our days, Farm & Wilderness offers a quieter and more reflective space. Every day, campers and staff help their larger community with daily chores and by participating in the farm and building work.

Our Silent Meeting is an important part of camp life. Each morning, campers, teens and staff gather after breakfast for a period of reflective silence for the camp community

Our Camps

Explore our camps and find the one that is right for your child.