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Expanding Conservation Efforts
Announcing Farm & Wilderness Conservation, Inc.

The Board of Trustees of Farm & Wilderness Foundation and Ninevah Foundation is thrilled to share that it has committed to expand our conservation efforts. The incredible work under the Ninevah Foundation will be expanded to include 4,800 acres of land around Lake Ninevah and Farm & Wilderness camps in Plymouth and will now be called Farm & Wilderness Conservation, Inc. 

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Conservation Accomplishments
Ninevah Foundation 2021 Year in Review

We are incredibly proud of the work Ninevah Foundation and Farm & Wilderness have accomplished, and we are grateful for the F&W and Ninevah community support of our work which ensures the health and resilience of an important ecosystem for the region and state.

Our work in 2021 included:

  • Protection of Lake Ninevah and surrounding land from invasive species (Lake Ninevah is invasives-free!)
  • Forest and timber management perpetuating healthy forest growth
  • Creation of a long-term forest management plan
  • Community conservation education programming
  • Partnerships with local schools to offer after-school programs which aim to instill a sense of wonder and responsibility for the care of our environment.

Read Year In Review 

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Ninevah Foundation
History & Background

The Ninevah Foundation was established in 1996 by the Wilderness Corporation to conserve and protect Lake Ninevah and the land surrounding it. In 2018, the Ninevah Foundation affiliated with Farm & Wilderness to share professional services and staffing and ensure the long-term sustainability of its work. As a result of the affiliation, Nineveh Foundation brought on its first Conservation Director, and Ninevah Foundation and Farm & Wilderness agreed to share a common Board of Directors, Executive Director, and other key staff positions.

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"In times of climate change, it makes a lot of sense for F&W to take an active role in conserving and stewarding the lands that it owns and play a bigger role in the state for conservation efforts more broadly."

— Andy Schulz, F&W and Ninevah Foundation Trustee

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the F&W and Ninevah Foundation Board of Trustees make this decision? 

The Farm & Wilderness and Ninevah Foundation Board of Trustees recognized an important opportunity to expand conservation efforts in a crucial time for our community, Vermont, and our planet. The Board believes expanded, focused conservation efforts of Farm & Wilderness Conservation, Inc. will increase opportunities for financial support and partnerships. The Board also recognized an opportunity to streamline conservation and camp / programming operations. 

How will this move streamline operations and how will Farm & Wilderness Conservation, Inc. operate?

An important reason for this move is to enable streamlined operations and long-term financial sustainability for Farm & Wilderness Conservation, Inc. and Farm & Wilderness Foundation. Each organization has a clear focus. Farm & Wilderness Foundation will run the F&W camps and other programming throughout the year. Farm & Wilderness Conservation, Inc. will oversee all land, property, and conservation work, including conservation programming for the community. As has been the case, Farm & Wilderness Foundation will provide administrative services to Farm & Wilderness Conservation, Inc. Both organizations will continue to be led by Frances McLaughlin and governed by the same Board. Kelly Beerman will continue in her role as Conservation Director.

What happens to the land the property owned by Farm & Wilderness and Ninevah Foundation? 

The Farm & Wilderness and Ninevah Foundation Board of Trustees decided to transfer the land and facilities owned by Farm & Wilderness to the Ninevah Foundation, a registered conservation agency.  This move expands Ninevah Foundation’s land holdings to 4,800 acres with 3,200 acres currently under conservation. The Board also decided to change the name of Ninevah Foundation to Farm & Wilderness Conservation, Inc. 

Why did the board decide to rename the organization Farm & Wilderness Conservation, Inc.? 

Consistent with the Board’s commitment to expand the conservation work of the Ninevah Foundation and Farm & Wilderness and consolidate all conservation work into one organization, the board also decided to change the name of the Ninevah Foundation to Farm & Wilderness Conservation, Inc. to capitalize on Farm & Wilderness’ strong brand recognition in Vermont and among F&W camp alumni and staff who live all over the country. 

How do I continue to or start to support this conservation work? 

The conservation work of Farm & Wilderness Conservation, Inc. requires annual donations from individuals and foundations. Donors interested in supporting the conservation work of Farm & Wilderness Conservation, Inc. can visit www.farmandwilderness.org/giving and choose Farm & Wilderness Conservation, Inc. to direct your donation to support this work. 

How do I ensure my donation supports conservation work around the Lake Ninevah area? 

Our Board and staff recognize the special relationship so many of our supporters have with Lake Ninevah and the surrounding area–it’s where our focused conservation work started! All existing Ninevah Foundation funds will continue to be used exclusively for Lake Ninevah-focused work. And, moving forward, donors will have the opportunity to direct their gifts to projects at and around Lake Ninevah.

Who can I reach out to learn more or with questions? 

Please feel free to reach out to Kelly Beerman, Conservation Director, at kelly@farmandwilderness.org, or Jay Kullman, Sustainable Resources Director, at jay@farmandwilderness.org