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We’re Hiring Camp Nurses

Join us this Summer at our beautiful camp, while providing and coordinating high-quality health care for our camp community. Positions are available for the full summer, or half a summer. Salary, housing, food and significant staff discounts are available for your children to attend Farm & Wilderness camp.

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Life at Farm & Wilderness

Nestled in a beautiful, verdant valley near the village of Plymouth in central Vermont, Farm & Wilderness is located next to Woodward Reservoir. A pristine, clear and cool lake provides the perfect backdrop for swimming and boating. With 4,000 secluded acres surrounding the camps, campers and staff enjoy rock climbing adventures, wilderness travel by foot and canoe and other exciting outdoor activities. All of which are an integral part of the Farm & Wilderness experience.

Staff and campers live together in simple, wooden open-air cabins and canvas structures with majestic views, tucked in the woods or on the lakeshore. There is no electricity or running water in the cabins. There are no movies, television, computers or recorded music at the camps. Staff and campers will create their own entertainment, growing part of their own food and even build their own outhouses. In choosing to live simply, we build a participatory community that works, plays and sings together. The property also serves as a working farm with a state certified milk processing facility. Every summer, campers tend to the various farms.

Perks & Rewards

Our compensation includes a modest salary, room and board and significant staff discounts for your children to attend camp. Working at Farm & Wilderness comes with countless benefits beyond monetary compensation. You will be joining a diverse group of people who take pride in learning, sharing ideas, and serving each other and the community.

Farm & Wilderness is looking for individuals who have the aspiration to work at a summer camp. The qualities we are looking for in our candidates: conscientious, responsible, mature and calm under pressure. It also requires your willingness to put in odd and long hours, to be well organized, have good problem solving skills, clear communication and most of all, be passionate about working with children. Strong candidates are committed to the community and willing to be a role model.

Your First Move

Fill out the online application! Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis until all positions have been filled with the best-fit candidates.

Need More Info?

If you have any questions or want to check on your application status please contact Julie Sanderson at julie@farmandwilderness.org.

Have more questions?

If you’d like more information on Camp descriptions and the positions still available go here:

If you have any questions or want to check on your application status please contact Julie Sanderson at julie@farmandwilderness.org.

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