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COVID-19 Resource Center

Summer 2022 at Farm & Wilderness

This is your central resource for our latest communications regarding Farm & Wilderness operations, policies and guidelines for COVID-19 safety and prevention for families, campers, and staff. For reference, our 2021 Family Guide to Health & Safety is available for review. 

We feel incredibly fortunate to be in Vermont, where the state has taken a proactive approach to managing the pandemic. All of us at Farm & Wilderness are dedicated to ensuring that this summer is healthy, safe, and magical for all of our campers—and staff! It’s a team effort drawing on the experience and wisdom of our camp Directors, Re-opening Task Force, medical and public health experts, and our Board of Trustees; and the guidance of the American Camp Association and Vermont Camp Association.

Our policies will evolve so we encourage you to check back here and read our emails over the coming months to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

Please let us know if there is additional information you would like to see on our website related to our COVID-19-related camp plans by calling 802-422-3761 or emailing us admissions@farmandwilderness.org.

Our 2021 Family Health & Safety Plan

Our past summer Health and Safety Plan is available with important information for all Farm & Wilderness overnight and day camp programs:

• Before Arriving at Camp
• Arriving at Camp
• Safety During Camp
• Heading Home After Camp
• Pre-Arrival Dos and Don’ts

Safety & Health Plan

Reminder: COVID-19 safety guidance for summer camps is changing rapidly and we are continuing to update the plan as needed. Please keep checking back for updated versions before your arrival to camp.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our admissions department directly by calling 802-422-3761, email at admissions@farmandwilderness.org or use our website live chat feature M-F between 8:30AM – 3:30 PM.

NOTE: Our summer camps must follow specialized guidance for “Operating Youth and Summer Camps” and “Childcare and Out-of-School Programs” in accordance with several sets of recommendations from several organizations such as the State of Vermont, CDC, American Camp Association. Because we are living in a congregate setting and caring for other peoples’ children, please take into consideration that some of the recent state and national guidance for individuals and households may not be the same guidance for summer camp organizations (ex. masking, social distancing, etc).

When will 2022 registration open?

Registration opens November 1st. For the most up to date information on how to register and session dates and rates for 2022, please visit the ‘Family Information’ page. Or you can register now!

What is the refund policy for 2022?

In the unlikely event that camp is cancelled due to COVID-19 prior to the start of the 2022 season, we will offer a full refund. For more information about deposits, tuition, and refund policies, visit our Dates & Rates page or reference our Overnight Family Handbook or Barn Day Camp Family Handbook

What will happen to Senior Campers who are aging out in 2021?

We are committed to providing opportunities for senior campers in 2022. Returning campers who missed their senior year at camp due to COVID-19 will be invited to enroll at that same camp in 2022. Please contact admissions with any questions. Phone (802) 422-3761 or email admissions@farmandwilderness.org

What are the program options for 15-17-year old campers?

Long Trail Quester and Classic Quester programs are both running as well as Tamarack Farm. Please visit the Questers or Tamarack Farm pages for more information. 

How can I talk to the Admissions and other staff members at Farm & Wilderness?

Our Admissions staff are answering phone calls and emails during regular business hours, 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday. Phone (802) 422-3761, email admissions@farmandwilderness.org . You can also ask a question via the “chat” option on our website.  Admissions staff can connect you with other departments if they are not able to answer your question.

Is camp currently open for admissions tours?

Camp is not currently open for in person admissions related tours. Please contact admissions for more information.  

How do I stay connected to Farm & Wilderness during the pandemic?

You can find the latest Farm & Wilderness news and activities at our website. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Our social media accounts will be where you can learn more about upcoming virtual events, including camp information sessions.  

What can the Farm & Wilderness community do to help?

Please consider donating to the Farm & Wilderness Recovery Fund.

We acknowledge that our return in 2022 will require us to adapt our operations. We are looking for contacts and connections in procuring discounted or donated items to help us keep costs low.  These items include: 

  • Personal Protective Equipment (masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, gowns for health team) 
  • Cleaning Products (bleach wipes, EPA approved COVID cleaning and disinfection products, cleaning equipment) 
  • Tents (various sizes, commercial event grade. Not camping tents)  
  • Building materials, lumber and plumbing supplies for hand washing stations and water bottle fill stations 
  • Porta Potties 
  • Kitchen equipment, Service wares, paper products (plates, cups, silverware, to go boxes) 
  • Portable camp/stadium chairs 

Thank you for your ongoing interest in camp. Please reach out if you can help support our preparations for a safe and healthy camp season!

What if I want to know more about summer programming?

This page will have the most up to date COVID-19 camp operating information. Starting early in the New Year, we will hold online, live and recorded information sessions for campers and families. Registration information for families can be found in the Family Information section of our website. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns. Phone (802) 422-3761, admissions@farmandwilderness.org

What health and safety procedures do you already have in place at camp?

The health and safety of our campers and staff is our highest priority. Each summer, Farm & Wilderness hires a team of nurses and medical and mental health support staff who are on-campus and on-call throughout the summer. In addition to our current robust health and safety procedures, we will be implementing new protocols for the 2022 summer to address the management of COVID-19. 

We have on-campus health clinics as well as well established relationships with our local first response team, hospitals and health centers. Our medical protocols are reviewed and updated annually by our Medical Director who is a Licensed Family Nurse Practitioner in the State of Vermont.

Farm & Wilderness is committed to operating safe and healthy camps. Our health and wellness policies are developed and practiced in compliance with State of Vermont regulations and guided by the American Camping Association.

1)  American Camping Association (ACA) accreditation standards. ACA is the industry’s national association charged with ensuring high quality camp experiences and all Farm & Wilderness camps are accredited through ACA. Acquiring accreditation requires our programs to successfully meet up to 300 specific standards covering every aspect of camp operation. ACA collaborates with experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Red Cross, and other youth-serving agencies to ensure their camp standards reflect the most up-to-date, research-based practices. 

2)  Vermont State Regulations and Licensing Requirements
Farm & Wilderness Foundation maintains licenses in the state of Vermont. The state’s requirements are focused primarily on environmental (e.g., drinking water quality), food service, emergency management safety, and more recently, regulations specifically for the sanitation and licensing of children’s camps to protect public health.

Please visit the Health and Safety section of our website for frequently asked questions about health & wellness procedures at camp. We will update this section to include COVID-19 additions as more information becomes available.

What if I want to work at Farm & Wilderness this summer?

We will be accepting applications for staff starting in November 2021. Please visit the Staff page of our website for more information. You can also call our main office (802) 422-3761 or email hr@farmandwilderness.org

Will Family Camp still happen in August 2022?

We are planning to run Family Camp programming in 2022 with some modifications. You can visit the Family Camp page for more information. Registration will open in January 2022.

Is 2022 Work Weekend event programming still going to occur?

Given the close quarters during Ice Cutting weekend, we anticipate that this event will not take place in February 2022.  Information about Ice Cutting, Spring Planting and Fall Harvest events for 2022 will be updated on the Events  page of our website and on social media as more information becomes available.

Camp families can find additional information on Federal and State COVID-19 related guidance and policies at the following sites.