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Please read through the following information to ensure a safe and healthy summer for your child.

Ticks At Farm & Wilderness, we take ticks very seriously. During the summer, we do regular tick checks. Here also is a link to our staff protocol for Tick Checks. Here is some basic information about ticks and tick borne illnesses in the U.S. Here is some basic information on Lyme disease – the most common of the tick-borne illnesses in the U.S. Food & Allergies We are proud of the delicious, nutritious meals and snacks that we serve. Whenever possible, our campers participate in various aspects of meal production by working in gardens, collecting eggs, learning to cook, cleaning up and other activities. We provide healthy, high quality food and regularly accommodate a variety of dietary needs such as omnivores, vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free diets. We are also able to provide for campers with allergies to such things as peanuts, eggs, etc. Every camper has access to healthy food choices that are safe for them to eat, though dietary restrictions may reduce the number of options available to them at each meal, or during trips, cookouts and other special events, especially in the case of multiple allergies/dietary restrictions. We do our best to accommodate a wide range of eating habits but cannot guarantee that all preferences/pickiness can be accommodated. We ask questions about your camper’s diet during the registration process, so our staff can be informed and prepared to nourish our camp communities! Physical Exam Form & Immunization Records Your child’s physical exam form and immunization records from their primary physician is a necessary part of the application to camp and is DUE by June 1st. Without knowledge of your campers’ needs, it is very hard for us to take the best care we can of your child. Please ensure that you or your physician’s office send us a copy of the information outlined in this Physical Exam Form prior to arriving at camp. You may use our form to submit information or it may be whatever form your physician provides to you, provided their form covers the same information. This form must be submitted every year, and all campers must have a physical exam within one year of the start of their camp session. All campers must have received all immunizations listed on this form that they are eligible for, including the COVID-19 vaccine. The only exemptions from this policy are medical exemptions and must be accompanied by documentation from your child’s doctor, confirming the camper has a medical reason they cannot be immunized. Please contact us should you need this additional form for your child. Medications Please be aware that Farm & Wilderness can only administer prescription drugs in accordance with direction from licensed medical personnel. F&W must have a doctor’s written direction on the original labeled bottle of medicine. Camper parent/guardians must supply the camp with enough medicine for the time the camper attends Farm & Wilderness or make arrangements to ensure that the prescription can be refilled at camp. Some medications may require approval from the prescribing doctor to ensure the camper can safely participate in camp. It is not recommended to disrupt a camper’s medication schedule during the time they are at camp. Physical and Behavioral Campers at Farm and Wilderness must be able to move daily on foot over uneven and natural terrain. They must be able to sleep outside in rustic wooden or canvas structures with other campers and staff. They must be able to lift and carry a backpack for hiking and trips, as well as eat provided meals and hydrate regularly. We ask that all campers follow directions and participate willingly in camp activities, daily chores and community living activities. Campers must refrain from violence, verbal assault, bullying or any similar behavior. See more information in our handbooks for further information about physical and behavioral expectations for your camper.